Trade Customers

Delmar Commodities is a specialized and reliable provider of grain solutions for your business. Our philosophy is not to take on every business opportunity that arises; our focus instead is to provide high quality products and impeccable service to our valued customer base. 

As a boutique commodity provider, we have the flexibility to source and deliver the products you need when you need them; from quantities as small as a single bulk load. As a dynamic and scalable company, we can custom-build a commodity solution for you. With locations throughout Southern Manitoba and producers throughout the Prairies, Delmar Commodities has the ability to source the crops you need.

Are you seeking a service-focused supplier to meet your commodity needs? Do you require a unique commodity solution, including Canada grains, and other firms are unwilling or unable to provide? If so, we would love to discuss your needs and discover if Delmar can be of service to you.

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